Civil Law, Corporate Law, Tax Planning, Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Judicial and Administrative Litigation, Arbitration, Due Diligence among Others. Outsourcing and Offshoring.

Rhein International acts in the prevention and solution of judicial and administrative litigation, as well as in mediations and arbitrations. Our multiplicity of areas of expertise enables to assist clients in dispute, both nationally and internationally, interacting with foreign correspondents capable of litigating in a foreign country. 


Our team assists its clients in several aspects of civil law, especially in the negotiation and execution of agreements; in the regularization of real state; in due diligences; in legal opinions regarding any law subject; in the registry, protection and licensing of trademarks, patents and copyrights; in the compliance with environmental protection rules and in administrative proceedings, including environmental licensing before municipal, state and federal authorities.


Incorporation, Negotiation, General Corporate Agreements, M&A, Implementation of Best Corporate Governance Practices. Outsourcing and Offshoring.

Rhein International counts with a team specialized in corporate law and renders full assistance to its clients, nationally and internationally, regarding incorporation of companies, joint ventures, drafting of MOUs, shareholders'agreements, general agreements, M&A, due diligence, drafting and implementing national and international corporate structures, tax plans, issuance of securities and day-to-day corporate acts whether pertaining to limited liability companies, corporations, publicly held or not.


Management Consultancy, Project Implementation and Execution, Report Board, Negotiation of Contracts and General Agreements.

Furthering our consulting services, Rhein International also works as an option to outsource clients' project manager centralizing all operation and periodically reporting all activities to headquarters. 


Our team works on project implementation / execution, creates a report chain within the company and helps on general contracts negotiation. 


The assistance provided by Rhein International, in order to help our clients to achieve its visions, involves all the aspects related to such services, including those of fiscal nature, judicial and administrative spheres.


Finance, Business Analisys, Business Valuation, Pricing Analisys and P&L and Ressources Management.

Rhein International is also a financial consulting firm focused on business valuation and business analysis. We have expertise in business plan and business valuation in several segments, delivering a complete assessment reports of the company and market, with growth prospects and competition.

Furthermore, our team offers complete assistance with client’s finances and resources management, pricing analysis and work on the development of P&L.