Government clears import tax of 281 items without domestic production

Atualizado: 24 de Jun de 2020

Ordinances of the Foreign Trade and International Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, published August 2nd, 2019, in the Official Gazette of the Federal Executive, reduced from 16% to 14% to zero the import tax rate for 240 machines and equipment without production in Brazil, and 20 other IT and telecommunications products.

In addition, the zero tariff for 21 capital goods was renewed. In all, 281 products were benefited. Tariffs for these products will remain at this level until December 2021. The objective of the measure, according to the government, is to promote the attraction of investments to Brazil, relieving investments directed to productive enterprises.

Among the products that will have the import tax cleared are: marine engines, industrial ovens, frozen drink dispensing machines and plates for the preparation of hamburger meat, among others.

According to the Ministry of Economy, in the year of 2019 a total of 1,189 ex-tariffs were already granted for production machinery and equipment, and computer and telecommunications goods.

The ex-tariff regime consists of the temporary reduction of the Import Tax rate of capital goods (machinery and equipment for production) and computer and telecommunication goods - rules of Mercosur Common External Tariff - when there is no national production. equivalent.

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